Recycled Timber Flooring

We source our large selection of recycled timber flooring from existing houses, schools, churches and warehouses. Our process involves de-nailing, docking and arranging each batch undercover in steel racks.


Recycled Wood Flooring

Are you looking for stunning, Australian timbers that are environmentally friendly? Renovators Paradise has a wide range of timber options that are ideal for sleek, contemporary floors or aged, rustic styles that bring a classic charm you can’t find in new wood flooring. We source our recycled wood flooring from existing homes, churches, and more, which are available in hand sized packs, perfect for your needs.

At Renovators Paradise, we often have unusual sized timber in stock, perfect for your specific construction and design needs. All our recycled wood flooring is in excellent condition, ready to re-lay. The beauty of recycled timber floor is unrivalled and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere no matter where you lay it. Our timber is perfect for residential and commercial needs, as well as decking timber.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Renovators Paradise specialises in sourcing quality reclaimed wood floors. We have a wide range of hardwood options, predominantly from Tasmania. These encompass three separate species – mountain ash, alpine ash, and messmate. These hardwood options are hard wearing and have a density and character that cannot be matched by new-growth timbers.

We are passionate about our reclaimed wood floors. They have an inherent, natural beauty that only comes from majestic, old timbers. As a result, they are the ideal talking point in your home, bringing a sense of class and character to traditional and contemporary décors.

Renovators Paradise also specialises in hard to source timbers – including Kauri pine – reclaimed from period homes around Melbourne. We also provide Victorian and Edwardian era flooring style timber, including Baltic pine, to add character to your setting or help you restore a period home.

Renovators Paradise offer small and large quantity options. We can also help match existing flooring if you provide a sample. Explore the range below!

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