Serious Bi Fold Door Sets

STOCK # E163

$3,495.00 - $3,950.00

These serious bi fold door sets are not for the faint hearted !

Massive 50 mm thick hardwood timber frames that are unpainted and oiled, 6 panel inserts per door.

Top quality and expensive heavy duty hinges to hold these rare pieces in place and brass panic bolts also included. ( over $2000 worth of hardware alone )

Removed from a 3 story mansion on Beaconsfield parade in St Kilda, these are the real deal.

These cold be used internally or externally, the choice is yours folks !

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Stock #PriceSize (mm)DetailsWishlist
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Stock #PriceSize (mm)DetailsWishlist
$3,950.004200 w x 3245 h
$3,950.004200 w x 3245 h
$3,495.003400 w x 3245 h
$3,495.003400 w x 3245 h

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